Lee Harvey Osmond A Quiet Evil

Tom Wilson is one mercurial cat. Not content with his role in roots rock super-group Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and releasing albums both by himself and with Bob Lanois (The Shack Recordings), he has reinvented himself as Lee Harvey Osmond. Check this out for an A-list supporting cast: Josh Finlayson and Andy Maize (Skydiggers), Michael, Margo and Peter Timmins, and Alan Anton (Cowboy Junkies), former Junkhouse comrades Colin Cripps and Ray Ferrugia, Colin Linden, Suzie Vinnick, Sean Dean (the Sadies) and more. The result is a freewheeling and compelling disc whose sound has been dubbed "acid folk" — even the choice of project name has a '60s/'70s vibe. The cover of Velvet Underground classic "I Can't Stand It" works, as does a sax-inflected version of "Lucifer's Blues," from Can-folk legend David Wiffen. Wilson co-writes with the likes of Finlayson, Cripps, Tim Gibbons and Stephen Fearing on such convincing originals as "Blade Of Grass" and "I'm Going To Stay That Way" (a fine duet with Margo Timmins), while he also covers "Angels In The Wilderness" from Michael Timmins, the album's producer. A sinister vibe permeates many songs and Wilson's gravelly voice suits the atmosphere perfectly. Definitely more Lee Harvey than Donnie and Marie in personality, A Quiet Evil is a winner. (Latent)