Lecherous Gaze Lecherous Gaze

Culled from the remains of punks Annihilation Time, Californian upstarts Lecherous Gaze may have a modest legacy unto themselves, but with each of these four rock-fed punk tracks, their primary inspiration is as subtle as a fart on a church pew. Allowing aspects of soul and blues to infiltrate their simplistic, up-tempo structures and occasionally psychedelic forays, this self-titled EP is founded at the crossroads of Youth Brigade, Blue Cheer and the Hellacopters. Sadly, no single aspect of their music holds quite the same indelibly influential power, but over the course of 15 minutes, songs such as "Sold," "Graveyard" and "R'N'R Lust" feel like they were bred from the same spirited seeds. Were these guys hammering out such invigoratingly pelvic tunes a decade ago, they would have found the perfect audience amongst the Gearhead punk rock'n'roll brigade. Then again, with supercharged rock such as this, Lecherous Gaze could very well inspire a resurgence. (Tee Pee)