Le Force Le Fortress

Formerly known for Zion, Brigham Young, and the Great Salt Lake, Utah graciously exports the mega-rock of Le Force, a trio of obvious closet metalheads. From the first few chords of opener "We May Belong To You…But Our Souls Belong To Satan,” Le Fortress is blatantly Fucking Champs-inspired, though the production by the Champs’ Tim Green gives it loads of legitimacy. With tinges of Burnt By The Sun, "Tribute To The Endangered” is the only track with vocals on the album, and sloppily screamed vocals at that. After a brief keyboard intro, "There’s No Rock in France w/ The Invader (Intro)” and especially "Victory Runs Through Our Blood Like Ice In The Caves Of Midnight” are IV-era Champs homages with pivotally weighty chords for maximum bite. This lethal deuce also has absolutely phenomenal drum parts, thanks to powerhouse pounder Jud Powell behind the kit. The short acoustic intro to "Sometimes Everybody Needs A Tissue (Trilogy)” is mindful of Aerosmith’s plaintive "Dream On,” as the tune then slips into a moodier number not unlike C Average. "Desire Burns” sounds like a cross between Megadeth and Riddle of Steel, while "The Last Nail In My Coffin” — a signature track of the album — starts out like King Crimson, then Slayer, then Sabbath… and back again. The disc sports a bonus video of said "Victory,” a metal cut through and through with Iron Maiden T-shirts, sweatbands, and copious devil horns. Le Force are poised to zap fans with Le Fortress, a tractor-beamed trip into indie metal’s happy-go-lucky halls. (Wäntage USA)