The Lawrence Arms' Brendan Kelly Reveals He's Behind the "Nihilist Arby's" Twitter Account

The Lawrence Arms' Brendan Kelly Reveals He's Behind the 'Nihilist Arby's' Twitter Account
Twitter is full of many fun and mysterious accounts (like the endlessly soulless yet saccharinely sweet Media Steph) and one of its more popular ones of late is Nihilist Arby's. With over 100,000 followers, the page pairs marketing lingo with existential dread and the results are, well, delicious. Now, the Twitter page's creator has been revealed, and it's got a major musical connection. It's the brainchild of Brendan Kelly, bassist and frontman for Chicago punk act the Lawrence Arms.

A new interview with Ad Week [via Punknews] reveals Kelly to be the nihilist running the site. As it turns out, he spends his time off the road working as a copy writer, so he knows all about the pain, torture and suffering that comes with marketing lingo.

"Twitter is such a great medium, but it's misunderstood, generationally," he told the magazine. "It's like an awesome newspaper where everyone can customize what they get by following certain entities, whether they want comedy, politics or naked chicks. But then you have these dumb corporations that just don't get it, you know? And fast-food brands unbelievably perpetuate the most terrible of ideas."

According to Ad Week, Nihilist Arby's often gets better Twitter engagement than the actual Arby's account. Maybe life's not so bad after all.