Laura Marling "I Feel Your Love (Director's Cut)"

Laura Marling 'I Feel Your Love (Director's Cut)'
UK-born, Americana-tinged singer-songwriter Laura Marling returned earlier this year with her latest studio LP Short Movie. Today (July 17) she dropped a deluxe edition of the album, which is aptly going by the name Short Movie: Director's Cut.
The new version of the album features four extra cuts, including formerly 7-inch-only tracks "David" and "Daisy," as well as new extended versions of originally included cuts "I Feel Your Love" and "Warrior."
"We recorded them this way to honour the alchemical change that occurs within a musical group when you add a new brain or flavour to it," Marling explained in a press release. "Pete's style of playing combined with a lack of need to be delicate for the sake of hearing strings led to the tone becoming thicker and grittier. And as an unexpected result, we discovered that we like sticky rhythms...and seem to speak a similar language in rhythm and tone, it's a very special quite rare thing!"
Marling has shared the full-band Director's Cut version of "I Feel Your Love," and you can scroll past the updated extended tracklisting give it a listen below.
Short Movie: Director's Cut
1. Warrior
2. False Hope
3. I Feel Your Love
4. Walk Alone
5. Strange
6. Don't Let Me Bring You Down
7. Easy
8. Gurdjieff's Daughter
9. Divine
10. How Can I
11. Howl
12. Short Movie
13. Worship Me
14. I Feel Your Love (Director's Cut)
15. Warrior (Director's Cut)
16. David
17. Daisy