Landesvatter Lax

Lax is the latest from Joachim Landesvatter who is known for making deep minimal techno. Many of the songs on Lax have a micro sample aesthetic with chopped up sounds skipping and fluttering in and out of the mix, but the results flow smoothly rather than being angular and jagged. Landesvatter’s music is somewhat monotonous, but that is part of the attraction; the compositions drift in and out of focus due to their simplicity, yet the attention to detail allows the listener to find delightful little surprises in each song on subsequent listens. Lax is more about groove and contemplation than dance floor boom but that doesn’t mean that the tracks wouldn’t work in the club, and it is likely that more adventurous house and techno DJs will drop this into the mix, particularly tracks like "SPR,” "GRO” and "BER.” Lax is an interesting and elegant album that is guaranteed to please the minimalist in us all. (Th!nk)