​Land of Kush Unveil New Track "Domyat 1331"

It's the latest teaser from the Montreal project's upcoming album 'Sand Enigma'
​Land of Kush Unveil New Track 'Domyat 1331'
Land of Kush is the orchestral collective helmed by Montreal-based player Sam Shalabi, and they've just unveiled a new song called "Domyat 1331" from the project's upcoming album Sand Enigma
The track is permeated with references to Shalabi's mother, who began fading into dementia during the making of the upcoming album.
"Domyat is the town in Egypt where she was born on August 13, 1931," he explained in a statement. "1331 is also an 'angel number' — if it keeps cropping up in your life it's supposed to mean a guardian angel is watching out for you and sending you positive vibes (so say those who know of such matters)."
Shalabi continued: "The melody is a kind of paraphrase of a lullaby she used to sing to me when I was I kid and in the piece I tried to convey the arc of what was happening to her towards the end of her life. lso in a weird way this piece makes me think of Egypt right now and 'her' (hopefully temporary) dementia."
Listen to "Domyat 1331" below.
Sand Enigma is out November 8 via Constellation. It's now available for pre-order.