Lamont Thunder Boogie

After two releases on Curve Of The Earth Records, Boston’s Lamont return with their full-length debut on Traktor7 (the new label run by Milligram’s Jonah Jenkins), exemplifying the stoner-rock scene’s splintering from upbeat doom sludge to super-charged swing rock. "Hot Wire” and "Hell’s Got Me Runnin’” mimic the punkier aesthetic of neighbours Cracktorch but with more of Ted Nugent’s guitar sling-ability, and "Vegas” and "I Saw Red” swerve into oncoming Jesus Lizard traffic, the former ending with a belch that would make Homer Simpson proud. With an intro bass line similar to Missing Persons’ "Words,” the deceptive "Psychopath” stretches out its chords for greater effect as guitarist Pete Knipfing allows more range for his rather monotonous vocals, which work well for Lamont’s punk-rock revival. "Rocket Ride” packs some massive ZZ Top grooves, edging out even their uncredited cover of ZZ Top’s "Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings” (the same from Small Stone’s Sucking The 70’s compilation) that polishes off the record. Lamont could stand a little variety in the vocal department while increasing their innate Skynyrd worship. (Traktor7)