Laibach Anthems

Mute Records packs one hell of a "best of” compilation onto the two-disc Anthems set. As the title suggests, disc one is a collection of the Slovenian band’s anthems, spanning from 1985 to 2003 with the addition of a couple of previously unreleased tracks ("Mama Leone” and a remix of "Das Spiel Ist Aus”) and a greatly improved upon dark gothic cover of Europe’s ’80s super-cheese offering, "The Final Countdown.” The songs accounted for bring a well-balanced offering of industrial dance club boot-stompers and phenomenally pitch-black brooding numbers as well as the expected infusion of some of the politics that Laibach have become so well known for. Disc two, conversely, is a series of remixes from the ’90s, several of which were previously unreleased. The variety on this remix disc is almost unprecedented, presenting the listener with a stunning array of tracks; some heavy, some delectably danceable, others ambient and at times even uplifting. With each disc clocking in at just under 80 minutes apiece, Anthems delivers an onslaught of over two-and-a-half hours of industrial tuneage; consider that a lot of bang for your PVC-clothed buck. Anthems also ships with a 40-page booklet. All in all Mute delivers a collection that is not only an excellent primer on the evolution of this revolutionary band but a must-have for the devoted fans. (Mute)