Lab Coast 'Remember the Moon' on New LP

Lab Coast 'Remember the Moon' on New LP
Calgary art pop crew Lab Coast are set to follow-up 2014's Walking on Ayr with another nod skyward. The band's next full-length will be titled Remember the Moon and it's set to arrive on April 29 through Wyatt Records.
Propelled by the songwriting partnership of singer David Laing and multi-instrumentalist Chris Dadge, the project used analog production techniques to craft compositions with a wide array of instruments that had accumulated in the band's practice space.

According to a press release, the resulting LP hears the band toying around with effect-drenched guitars, rubbery bass parts, cello, violin, a hybrid of sampled and live drum parts, pitch­-shifted percussion, sax, banjo, and organ.
The first sampling of that sound has arrived in the form of a new single called "Bored Again," which weaves together layers of drums and guitars to achieve nuanced textures beneath a veneer of jangly indie rock, as Laing details a "moment of clarity with a would-be girlfriend on the beach in Vancouver."
Check out the full tracklisting for Remember the Moon below. Beyond that, hit play to give the new single "Bored Again" a spin.
Remember the Moon:
1. Hanging Flowers
2. Bored Again
3. Helen Bach
4. Under-Energy
5. Run Out
6. Wish We Were Anywhere
7. James' Son
8. Away From Here
9. Inside Aquariums
10. Remember The Moon Jr.
11. Close To A Part Of You
12. Back To Your Future
13. The Pointe Of It All
14. Missed Ache