Lab Coast / Extra Happy Ghost!!! Lab Coast / Extra Happy Ghost!!!

Split seven-inch singles are often targeted at the most discerning of record collectors, yet they can be passed over with a simple flip of an index finger, never to be seen or heard from again. You would hope that this fate doesn't befall the first split seven-inch from Calgary, AB's Saved By Vinyl label. Their mission is to expose Calgary's music scene to the world, and they've picked some worthy ambassadors in Lab Coast and Extra Happy Ghost!!! All those exclamation points are part of the name, you see. No Elaine Benes-style revenge here, though the two songs that EXG!!! provide are fairly invigorating, in the manner only lo-fi basement pop can be. "1990's Brain Damage" is an aptly titled stomp dedicated to the thousands of fuzzy, jangly bands that littered the decade. "Mechanical 111" introduces some low-grade keyboards to the mix, but gives a glimpse into the barren Calgary apartment where these tracks were recorded. Lab Coast's efforts are no less intriguing. "For Now" is a slice of the sunny, carefree pop that's currently sweeping indie circles and "82 I Will Be You" manages to captivate with a charming harmony in less than 90 seconds. This is the kind of split seven-inch that may inspire you to spend a little more time in the seven-inch bin. (Saved by Vinyl)