Lab Coast Remember The Moon

Lab Coast Remember The Moon
Remember The Moon is the first full-length release from Calgary indie rockers Lab Coast since 2014's Walking On Ayr, and demonstrates the growth the band have undergone in the past couple of years via touring and experimentation with different recording techniques.
The band create a warm, rich, lo-fi soundscape from first track "Hanging Flowers" forward, the rhythm section driving the song while singer David Laing concedes that "You and I relate, somehow." Lead single "Bored Again" is insistent yet melancholic, as wonky guitars texture the music, while Laing's monotone delivery in "Helen Bach" is a stark contrast to his complimentary lyrics, which twist and turn over curious, melodic guitar lines and a steady beat.
There's a charm to the jangle of "Wish We Were Anywhere," on which layers of guitar intermingle over the sparse rhythm section, and it leads seamlessly into the distorted playground jam "James' Son" before the tapping rhythms of "Away From Here" take over. Strong bass and guitar riffs get playful within the verses of "Inside Aquariums," while the title track ups the pace with rapid-fire rhythms.
Remember The Moon is a varied and engaging group of songs that further solidify Lab Coast's reputation as a band who aren't afraid to experiment while retaining their characteristic sound. (Wyatt Records)