La Sera La Sera "Break My Heart" (video)

La Sera La Sera 'Break My Heart' (video)
As hinted at in La Sera's jangly "Break My Heart," off of this year's Sees the Light, a romantic relationship went sour sometime in the recent past for leader Katy Goodman. That said, heartache is clearly the least of her problems in the haunted new video clip for the pop-rock number.

Goodman spends the early part of the video frantically snipping an ex-beau out of some pictures, but soon enough she notices some strange things a-brewing in her pastel-tinted bedroom. Posters and maps rip themselves from her walls, vintage dresses try to usurp her current costume, and there's a serious dust-up going on between Goodman and a newly sentient pair of scissors.

You can check out who wins the battle royale in the vid down below.

La Sera - Break My Heart from Hardly Art on Vimeo.