La Fin Absolute du Monde Recruit Justin K. Broadrick for Remix Album

La Fin Absolute du Monde Recruit Justin K. Broadrick for Remix Album
Over the years, Justin K. Broadrick has flirted with metal and electronic music, having played with acts like Napalm Death, Godflesh and Jesu. Now, he's been recruited as a remixer by self-described "neo-noir" duo La Fin Absolute du Monde for their upcoming remix album.

Broadrick will remix the band's song "Black Sheep" and, appropriately enough, the collection is called Black Sheep: Remixed. The seven-track collection will also include "Leave Me in Detroit" as interpreted by Social Security (a project that includes former Glassjaw member Todd Weinstock) and "Cavalier" remixed by Neo Gibson. There will also be the original versions of the aforementioned tunes, plus a bonus cut called "Love Song."

Frontman Chicky said in a statement, "'Black Sheep' is not only a very personal song, but it's a little bit different than anything else we've recorded. We're excited to hear Justin's take on it."

Broadrick added, "I really enjoy the song, and wish to retain its melancholy mood, but somehow breathe heaviness into it."

It's due out in January of 2014 on vinyl and as a digital download, but first, the band must complete an Indiegogo campaign to raise $5,000. Depending on how much you donate, you can have access to rewards like T-shirts, art prints, Skype lessons and a house concert.

Hear the original version of "Black Sheep" below, as well as see a trailer for the fundraising campaign at the bottom of the page.