L.T. Leif "dontdonut" (video)

L.T. Leif 'dontdonut' (video)
Working under the name L.T. Leif, long-running Calgary songwriter Laura Leif has prepared a new full-length album called Shadow on the Brim. Before it arrives in full, she's shared the album's lead music video with Exclaim!

The song "dontdonut" is another plucky indie folk track that'll certainly appeal to fans of Leif's prior work. It's accompanied by some trippy visuals from director Carl Spencer.

Here's a full statement about Spencer's video:

Carl makes films and installations using light, old machines, and electronics. He can get obsessively distracted by minute details, and that is kind of also his super power. This film was made using some rejected projection equipment from the University, a rock found in the badlands of Alberta, and some olive oil and vinegar.

Watch the video for "dontdonut" below, and look for Shadow on the Brim when it lands on June 6.