Kylie Minogue

Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON, October 9

BY Sofi PapamarkoPublished Oct 10, 2009

It was love at first sight - or maybe just lust. Either way, Canada enthusiastically lost its Kylie Minogue cherry last night during her first-ever North American tour.

A shivering and uninitiated Toronto crowd was treated to over two hours of pounding dance-floor magic from the international pop star, sex symbol, high-profile cancer survivor and greatest Australian export since Paul Hogan, or maybe even Vegemite.

Let it be said that Kylie knows how to make an entrance, descending as she did from the top of the Air Canada Centre astride a massive metallic skull. Clad in an unholy combination of the costumes of She-Ra and Barbarella, and garnished with boas, it was as though we were being treated to the opening scene of a sci-fi B-movie. We had collectively entered a galaxy far, far away where Kylie Minogue was both queen of everything and congenial air hostess.

"Please fasten your seat belts," Kylie advised her adoring audience.

The show was everything that every solid pop spectacle should be. There were lasers. There were countless costume changes. There were beefy back-up dancers wearing next to nothing. And there was so much glitter.

And through it all, there was Her Royal Kylieness, grinning cheekily throughout a satisfying set that included "Light Years," "Shocked," "What Do I Have to Do," "Spinning Around," "2 Hearts" and, of course, "Can't Get You Out of My Head," which was met with roars of approval and universal hip gyration. Kylie's signature hit "Locomotion" also made an appearance, but as a slow-burning hot jazz number, straight out of the imagination of Bob Fosse.

While every note and dance move was undoubtedly rehearsed within an inch of its life, Kylie somehow made every moment seem fresh and spontaneous and full of joy. Even if you take away all of the lasers and glitter and dry ice, a highly compelling performer remains.

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