Krautrock Innovator Conny Plank Honoured with New Box Set

Krautrock Innovator Conny Plank Honoured with New Box Set
Innovative German studio engineer Conny Plank worked with a number of boundary-pushing artists before passing away in 1987, with big players including Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Ash Ra Tempel, Neu! and more. He also managed to issue music of his own, and both sides of the late soundsmith are being presented on a career compendium titled Who's That Man.

As FACT points out, the package arrives as a four-disc box set February 11 through Grönland Records. The set will feature two discs of Plank's better-known work and rarities, including cuts Plank produced for the Eurythmics, D.A.F., La Düsseldorf, Neu!, and more. It also features tracks from his Möbius & Plank project with prolific kosmische innovator Dieter Möbius and Trioformation, which featured Möbius and Arno Steffen.

The third disc features reworks of Plank-produced cuts by Cluster & Eno, Eurythmics, and more from such remixers as Jens-Uwe Beyer, Automat and Eye (who we're assuming is Boredoms' Yamantaka Eye), while the fourth disc captures a Möbius/Plank/Steffen performance in Mexico from 1986.

You can see the details down below.

Who's That Man:

Disc One:

1. Arno Steffen "Hörprobe"

2. Eno/Möbius/Rödelius "Broken Head"

3. Phew "Signal"

4. Eurythmics "Le Sinistre"

5. Michael Rother "Feuerland"

6. La Düsseldorf "Silver Cloud"

7. Psychotic Tanks "Let"s have a party" [rare]

8. Möbius & Plank "Conditionierer"

9. Möbius/Plank/Thompson "Farmer Gabriel [rare]"

10. Möbius/Plank/Neumeier "Pitch Control"

11. D.A.F. "Alles ist Gut"

12. Neu! "Leb Wohl!"

Disc Two:

1. Ibliss "Drops"

2. Rödelius "Regenmacher"

3. Streetmark "Eleanor Rigby"

4. Neu! "Negativland"

5. Psychotik Tanks "Security Idiots"

6. D.A.F. "Was ziehst du an"

7. Möbius & Plank "Automatic"

8. Fritz Müller "Fritz Müller Traum"

9. Blue Point Underground "Conny Plank" [rare]

10. Konrad Plank "Weihnachtssong" [rare]

Disc Three:

1. Cluster & Eno "Jens-Uwe Beyer remix"

2. Le Sinistre "Kreidler remix"

3. Broken Head "Automat remix"

4. Cluster & Eno "Walls remix"

5. Eurythmics "Take Me To Your Heart" remix

6. Feuerland "Justus Köhncke remix"

7. Neu! "Eye remix"

Disc Four:

Möbius/Plank/Steffen live in Mexico 1986