Faust Invite the World to Make the Krautrock Heroes' New Album Their Own

Faust Invite the World to Make the Krautrock Heroes' New Album Their Own
With over 40 years to their name, Krautrock legends Faust have done a lot, but the band are hardly done with us yet. In fact, come November 28, founding members Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier will bestow upon us the new Faust album j US t.

The new LP will arrive via Krautrock specialists Bureau B, which explains the album is actually pronounced "Just Us." The album also comes with quite the concept, as Faust "have laid down 12 musical foundations, inviting the whole world to use them as a base on which to build their own music."

The label further explains that the tracks are "intrinsically typical of Faust in their own right, yet offer enough space for completely different works to develop. Which is exactly what they hope will happen."

For a taste of this, you can hear some snippets from j US t below.

Apparently, Faust will also apply these album principles to an upcoming tour, which will find the pair inviting local artists to collaborate with them onstage. So far, the duo have a few European shows booked, and you can see those below the album's tracklist. More dates are promised to be announced soon.

j US t:

1. gerubelt
2. 80hz
3. sur le ventre
4. cavaquiñho
5. gammes
6. nähmaschine
7. nur nous
8. palpitations
9. der kaffee kocht
10. eeeeeeh...
11. ich bin ein pavian
12. ich sitze immer noch

Tour dates:

10/04 Lisboa, Portugal - OUT Festival
11/01 Berlin, Germany - Kulturfabrik Moabit
11/21 Paris, France - Festival BBmix
11/22 Brest, France - Festival Invisible
12/11-15 Warsaw, Poland - jhp/art