Korum No Dominion

The technical death/thrash this band from France spews out is so impressive it’s hard to believe more people haven’t heard of Korum. Maybe it’s that completely illegible band logo getting in the way, who knows (it has gotten way less legible since last album, by the way! Good work, guys!). Either way, fans of Death, Atheist and maybe Cynic without the stupid vocal effects should tune in to No Dominion. Fave angle for me is the screamed vocals, which add a great sense of urgency to the album instead of wearing the listener down like most of their Cookie Monster peers. And these guys know a thing or two about composing an album of this level of technical proficiency; adding in slower and simpler moments when need be and keeping the songs at a reasonable length helps make this one worth coming back to for repeated listens. Not terribly original, Korum nevertheless impress in a large way. Fans of technical thrash and death metal are urged to seek this one out, it’s way better than most of what is out there right now. (Neoblast)