Koffin Kats Forever For Hire

The twisted offspring of punk and rockabilly ― psychobilly ― tends to follow a conventional formula of slapping bass lines, trotting drums and surf-inspired guitar riffs, but unfortunately, few pompadour-sporting, leather-clad acts stick out from the norm. That's where Koffin Kats differ. Sure, they follow a similar blueprint, but they manage to switch it up by injecting their sound with a healthy dose of snarling punk, which could best be described as the Damned's ominous crooner, Dave Vanian, taking over vocal duties for Mad Sin. Ditching typical, twangy, rockabilly-style riffs for crunchy power chords and harnessing ghostly, but infectious, back-up vocals, Koffin Kats open the throttle full bore with "Wild Ride," "Domination Final" and the stand-up bass manipulation of "Her Name was Rock and Roll." Clearly more immersed in punk roots, Forever for Hire is an electric jolt that has the capability of awakening any misfit's inner monster. (Stomp)