BY I. KhiderPublished Jan 1, 2006

Knurl is Alan Bloor, a noise artist who produces a variety of harsh, extreme textures in sound. Bloor comes for the realm of noise similar to Merzbow and Aube, but is exclusively restricted to manipulation of bits of metal, like car springs and saw blades, and without using overdubs, only raw and direct noise. Any patterns that do emerge are incidental, wherein the manipulation of metallic objects offers a wealth of textures such as screeching, rumblings, hisses, grindings, clanging and even a few sounds/frequencies never thought possible. Paramecium inspires thoughts of cataclysmic events, such as tectonic shifts wherein the Earth's plates grind against each other, the onslaught of powerful hurricanes or the eruption of volcanoes. Paramecium is also a useful album to test the strength on one's speakers, watching the cones crazily wobble as they ride the extremes of noise, verging on blowing.

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