Knucklehead Hostage Radio

Even though the recording of Hostage Radio is muddled and not nearly as good as Voice Among Us, the music and songwriting is strong enough to carry it through. Reminiscent of early Asexuals and Youth Brigade, with Shane McGowan singing, Knucklehead have a crucial old school sound that should be heard by the contingency of people listening to that Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Simple Plan and Blink 182 tripe. With Knucklehead's melodic and harmonious music being the vehicle for their social commentary, topics such as homelessness, the struggle of the commoner in a careless society and blind obedience are tackled appropriately. However, the true gem on the disc is "Plight of the Living Dead," and they've fortunately included a video for the song on the CD as well. Watch out! (LongShot)