The Knife Post Cryptic New Album Trailer, Gear Up for Spring Release

The Knife Post Cryptic New Album Trailer, Gear Up for Spring Release
A new cryptic teaser vid posted by Swedish electronic duo the Knife is definitely tipping us off to something, and hopefully brings us closer to the announcement of the band's long-awaited follow-up to their 2006 set Silent Shout.

As pointed out by Pitchfork, the murky video features some minimalist and moody soundscaping, and has clips of band members  Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer creepily swinging back and forth on some playground equipment. The 43-second video caps with a shot of some people in the club.

"Music can be so meaningless," they wrote in a statement. "We had to find lust. We asked our friends and lovers to help us."

Additionally, Listen Before You Buy [via BPM] have done some serious sleuthing, and noticed that the album title is buried within the coding of the Knife's website. It's apparently titled Shaking the Habitual.

While concrete details on Shaking the Habitual are pretty few and far between, reports suggest the album will arrive through Mute sometime in the spring. It apparently features guest work from Light Asylum singer Shannon Funchess.

Despite Silent Shout being released almost seven years ago, the Knife did release their opera Tomorrow, In a Year in 2010, and Dreijer Andersson offered up an LP under the name Fever Ray in 2009.