Klaxons Prep Surfing the Void Deluxe Edition

Klaxons Prep <i>Surfing the Void</i> Deluxe Edition
Klaxons' latest album Surfing the Void may have just came out a couple of months ago, but the troupe is already readying a deluxe edition of the disc for their super fans. A post on the group's website explains that a revamped version of the set will pop up in North American stores on January 18.

While a full tracklisting has yet to surface, the band promise that a bonus disc will include for new songs: "Echoes (Acoustic)," "Hello 23," "Birdman," and "Sorcerer City."

With any luck, the new set will include more adorably hysterical pictures of that astronaut cat, and hopefully they also attach the wonderfully weird erotic nightmare that is their "Twin Flames" video (see below).

Klaxons 'Twin Flames' from Trim Editing on Vimeo.