Klaxons "It's Not Over Yet"

Klaxons 'It's Not Over Yet'
It’s not the obvious choice from Klaxons’ Mercury Prize-winning album, Myths of the Near Future (which judging by other year end lists is "Golden Skans” by a landslide), but listen to the album even just once and its fifth (!) single grabs you like none other. The ironic thing is that the band’s best song is a surprisingly faithful cover of long-forgotten rave-lite act Grace. However, the NRG belongs to Klaxons, and they fill their version with all sorts of adrenaline and suspicious substances for this climactic anthem. From beginning to end that acidic synth squelch burns a hole into your brain, leaving you lobotomised, feeling the ecstasy (no, not the drug) pulse through your veins. Their three-part harmonies drive the feverish chorus, which detonates at the synth solo come the 2:30 mark. Beautifully translated from the rather flaccid original, it’s no wonder this was the song everyone was screaming for at their rambunctious gigs in 2007. And let’s not forget the video, which isn’t only a barmy one with a good premise for a Beatles-esque sci-fi/fantasy/adventure type film for the boys (or are they samurai warriors?), but it also shows they have some serious acting chops if a vehicle as such comes their way. Though it’s still no "Magick.”