KK Null Atomik Disorder

Although he is most commonly known as a founder of the legendary Japanese progressive ultra-heavy space rock trio that is Zeni Geva, KK Null's innovative and prolific musical output involving a vast array of other styles of music is hundredfold in scope. He has also collaborated with the likes of other equally avant-garde artists such as John Zorn, Fred Frith, Keiji Haino and Jim O'Rourke and is well regarded and respected as having the ability to pry open the "third ear and eye.” Atomik Disorder is a cerebral display of creating industrial sci-fi smears, bends and angles of time and rhythm solely within the electronic sphere; a progressive psychotropic inverted rave version of musique concrete set in an experimental short film pace that combines futuristic machinery with prehistoric computer pulse frequency modulations and exotic static. While just reading this might initially lead one to think that chaos is taking place and that it is designed for advanced listeners, it is actually quite open, digestible and spacious. Oddly enough, despite all the electronics, wires, looping, editing and so on, there is something very humanistic sounding about this record (at one point it even sounds like lips smacking), while automation and repetition, which can lead to listening fatigue, is successfully avoided. Everything here seems highly intentional. Those familiar with Stockhausen, the adventurous experimental side of Mike Patton and Edgar Varese will consume this disc and intellectualise over it for some time. While everyone else, even virginal listeners of electronic music, will find themselves submitting to it. (Neurot)