Kirsten Jones Looks To Fans and Gary Louris For New Album

Kirsten Jones Looks To Fans and Gary Louris For New Album
It seems that Toronto’s Kirsten Jones has taken the time-honoured folk tradition of passing the hat to a whole new level for her upcoming album, The Mad Mile. Through her website,, the Toronto indie alt-country artist is asking fans to donate whatever funds they can spare toward the making of the record, which is scheduled to be produced by former Jayhawk Gary Louris.

Although Jones has already received a FACTOR grant for the project, she says that additional money will be needed to cover production costs, along with marketing. Contributions starting at $15 will be eligible for "rewards,” everything from a "thank you" on the album to a private house concert by Jones and VIP treatment at the album’s Toronto launch party for the most generous donors.

"Music fans can participate in getting albums made like never before,” Jones says. "Essentially, with initiatives such as this, the public is the record label — they are deciding what they want to hear.”

The Mad Mile will be Jones’s first release since her 2005 debut, Drive-In Movie, which was distributed by Fontana North/Universal. Louris signed on as producer after Jones sent him a demo and the pair have co-written several songs for the new record. According to Louris, "This is the beginning of an exciting chapter in country music and I am excited to be a part of it.”

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