Kira May "Visions" on Exclaim! TV

Kira May 'Visions' on Exclaim! TV
Since arriving on the scene back in 2013, one-woman vocal choir Kira May has captivated audiences with her brand of loop pedal-assisted vocal gymnastics. With her debut recording, Health, set to be released later this month, Exclaim! TV decided to catch up with the subtly haunting chanteuse at Freddy and Yoshimi's Pad in Bloorcourt Village to hear a performance of "Visions" off her upcoming EP.

In this intimate recording session, watch as the avant-garde singer-songwriter contorts her vocals on a dime, as she croons wistfully against a minimalist backdrop that puts all the attention solely on her rhythmic vocal harmonies.

Catch Kira May perform "Visions" and other tracks off her upcoming EP at its official release on January 31 at Toronto's The Measure.

You can also download the song in its entirety by scrolling past the video and clicking on the player at the bottom of the page.

Filmed & Recorded by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Edited by Melissa Ross