The Kinks Reaching into Archives for New Album, Says Drummer Mick Avory

The Kinks Reaching into Archives for New Album, Says Drummer Mick Avory
Long before the Gallagher brothers, the Kinks' Ray and Dave Davies were the original feuding siblings of rock'n'roll. In 2006, Dave dismissed the idea of a Kinks reunion, telling Magnet Magazine, "[Ray] doesn't even know what an asshole he is."

Now, it appears that a Kinks reunion of sorts might be in the works after all, although the Davies brothers still aren't working together.

Kinks drummer Mick Avory recently told Spinner that the band would be releasing a new album using unreleased archive tracks written by Ray and Dave.

The drummer said, "We are certainly doing another album. We've got old tracks, which need to be baked. You have to go through this process to transfer them to digital, it's a bit of a process and you only get one shot at it."

These old songs aren't quite enough to make up a new album, however, as Avory revealed, "We've certainly got eight tracks we could use there, so we're going to have to do some more to make the numbers up for an album." Also, he gave no indication of which era of the Kinks these songs would be coming from.

While it does sound like this new Kinks album will be purely based on archival material, who knows? Maybe the brothers will get along for long enough to enter the studio and hammer out a handful of new songs. However, considering all the recent trash talking and the fact that they haven't attempted to work together on a studio album since 1993's poorly received Phobia, that seems like little more than wishful thinking.