King Of Prussia Save The Scene

Considering that King of Prussia hail from Athens, GA, it isn’t a huge surprise that they have a little bit of the Elephant 6 sound in them. But it isn’t quite that simple, because their wonderful pop songs also hint at the likes of the Shins and Guided By Voices, suggesting that the newly resurrected Kindercore Records were right to put their faith in the band for their re-launch. Save The Scene does everything that a debut should: it showcases a great deal of talent yet doesn’t give away everything the band have to offer, hinting that there are greater joys to come. More an EP than LP, these seven songs have a majestically timeless air about them, with intriguingly bizarre lyrics that mention Tony Danza for no good reason. With very little fanfare welcoming them, King of Prussia are a band that could be well worth watching if they can continue producing quality pop songs like these. (Kindercore)