King Louie "Drilluminati 2" (video)

King Louie 'Drilluminati 2' (video)
After cruising the streets in his "Fuck Is These Niggaz" video, Chicago's King Louie has apparently headed to the underground to spread the gospel in the new clip for his Drilluminati 2's title track.

Backed by an arrangement of decadent bass boom and nimble synth hits, the video finds the King either tagging his name in a subterranean hang out or ripping into foes with his menacing bars. Take note, the dude's ready to pump you full of lead like a pistol, pop you like a pimple, and shoot you like a video, among other things.

You can see Louie smoke with his killers in the graffiti-loaded visuals for the bulletproof single down below.