King Kong Buncha Beans

If David Wilcox and David Berman started a groove-based, indie funk band, it would likely sound a lot like King Kong. Spearheaded by Louisville’s Ethan Buckler, Buncha Beans features some childish poetry about food, animals and the weather under some pretty sexy rock jams and the combination is somewhat disconcerting. Buckler’s matter-of-fact baritone is comical as he sings about being a bald-headed eagle on "Bulldozers” over a backing track that vaguely resembles vintage rock by the Guess Who. It’s difficult not to get swept up by silly songs such as "Freak Off You,” which features shy, virginal come-ons, and "Hungry Tiger” sounds like something Calvin Johnson might send out into the world. Buckler sounds rather primal on the moody "Sue Na Mi,” a weirdly dark yet playful take on natural disasters that precedes the environmental doomsday message of the indie rockin’ "Orange Ocean.” In most respects, Buncha Beans is just kind of preposterous but it’s got hooks and Buckler’s endearing charm makes it a fascinatingly fun listen. ( (Drag City)