King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Preview 'L.W.' with "O.N.E."

Watch Alex McClaren's psychedelic music video

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jan 28, 2021

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard gave us K.G. late last year, and fittingly announced their plans to follow it up with L.W. earlier this month. Today, the band have offered up a morsel of what's to come with a new single titled "O.N.E.," alongside a psychedelic new video.

The track itself is quintessential King Gizz — bold Aussie psych-rock tinged with Eastern flair — and now they've got a new video to match. The latest visual effort comes from director Alex McClaren and Ambrose Kenny-Smith.

"The song itself feels as if it's constantly moving along so I tried to keep the visuals continually moving forward and sliding into different visual styles and landscapes," McClaren said in a statement.

"I felt the mix of stop motion and collage through the use of found imagery and the band would help compliment the tracks, lyrics and themes as I interpreted them, of dreams, nightmares, climate change, dystopias, and utopias, as well as referencing events that took place during the making of the video over 2020."

The band's latest follows the release of the album's "If Not Now Then When?" which arrived back in December, making "O.N.E." the second single released from the forthcoming effort.

In addition to the new tune, KGLW's Stu Mackenzie has also shared an update on the album, which was set to arrive through independent release on February 26. He said the record has now been delayed and "is definitely not coming out in February," but didn't offer an alternate date.

While we wait for more updates, watch the video for "O.N.E." below.

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