The Kills Black Rooster

There are all too few Iggy Pop-ettes out there - truly visceral, primal, sassy female growlers with a natural "fuck-it-all" swagger and strut unfortunately come along once in a bare-assed moon. Yet thank goodness that lunar cycle seems to be speeding up of late, what with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' feral Karen O and now the Kills' "VV" (or is it partner in crime named "Hotel" that's the woman's touch behind their warped, schizophrenic beauty? - the asexual stage names make it near-impossible to match the appropriate gender), appearing like cosmic gifts bestowed on the stark earth. Within four songs, the yin-yang complementary duo prowl back and forth between raunchy Jon Spencer blues rattle, Runaways-style guitar riffs and mellowed out, scratchy balladry, all the while trading off between his Lou Reed-esque warble and her banshee-like wail. The dynamic interplay between VV and Hotel is both unique and reminiscent of other pairs whose synchronicity was the key - if the Cramps' Poison Ivy and Lux Interior drank from the fountain of youth and diversified their style, or if the White Stripes had more than one mouthpiece and tons more attitude, you might come out with something like the Kills. Expect to hear a lot more from these two, as there's more than a glimmer of potential for greatness shining through this short EP. Could have done without the closing track solely of slobbery gum chewing though. (Dim Mak)