Killing Theory Dead. Buried. Forgotten.

After listening to the first few seconds of this record you may be convinced you have mistakenly put in Between the Buried and Me but alas, it is in fact a different band. It all begins with the light speed mega-tech riffs, same caustic vocals followed by heavy chords. Their style mimics BTBAM almost identically, with the production contributing to the similarities. Speeding simply for the sake of creating an endless succession of parts is boring. They’re obviously capable musicians, but someone else has already made this record. The upside to this band is that they don’t have the hyper annoying singing parts about the "lovely love from the love of (their lives)." It is the same problems as all bands of this type have: very little structure to relate to. They do have more straight-up mosh parts, designed to rev the crowds into a spin-kicking, floor-punching frenzy. Near the end of the record things start to slow down a tad, until you realise that the word "slow” doesn’t exist in their musical vocabulary. (Tribunal)