Killing the Dream In Place Apart

Deathwish is a pretty safe bet when it comes to hardcore, and this absolutely raging full-length from California’s Killing the Dream is further evidence of that. Eschewing any sort of modern day hardcore fashion trappings, these five angry young men go for the tried and true approach of short, fast, loud; and it pays off. The vocals are screamed with a sincerity that is sorely lacking in a lot of hardcore today, and while the music sort of races past without leaving much of an impact, it does what it needs to do. The band know how to throw in a bit of melody to keep things lively, but in general this is pretty violent stuff. The production, care of Converge hot shot Kurt Ballou, is perfect; the man as always captures the band’s raw energy, and then adds a boost of atmosphere that feels oh so satisfying (listen to that bass drum!). The artwork, care of other Converge hot shot Jacob Bannon, makes this an appealing package in every regard. This is music from the heart and the feeling that exudes from it seals the deal; up there with the latest from Deathwish pals Modern Life Is War for the title of hardcore album of the year. (Deathwish Inc.)