The Killers "Miss Atomic Bomb" (video)

The Killers 'Miss Atomic Bomb' (video)
Las Vegas arena rockers the Killers aren't a band that thrives in subtleties, so it's no surprise that they pull out all the stops in their latest video for Battle Born track "Miss Atomic Bomb." Visually, we get treated to epic animated and live-action sequences that showcase the timeline to one man's tragically unfulfilled life.

In it, a trailer-park-dwelling old man recalls earlier days, where he was a promising rocker and when he met an aspiring stage actor. You see them fall in love and go for an adrenalized motorcycle ride, but eventually another man enters the picture. Without spoiling too much, the older guy is actor Eric Roberts, looking smug and sure of himself as ever, the bastard.

You can check the whirlwind of activity down below.