Killer Mike "The Boonies" (prod. by Alchemist)

Killer Mike 'The Boonies' (prod. by Alchemist)
A new season of Adult Swim animated sitcom The Boondocks is coming up later this month, along with an accompanying season four mixtape, but the people at Williams Street Records are busting out a new Killer Mike track ahead of time. His themed track "The Boonies" is up to stream and download now.

The Atlanta rapper is supported on the song by producer Alchemist, who offers up a nightmarish tapestry of atonal string and flute ambiance, key-mashing piano bursts and a spare drum beat. Killer Mike, meanwhile, rifles off bars reflecting on the generation gap and socio-political issues of race, occasionally referencing show characters like Gramps and Uncle Ruckus.

You can stream or download "The Boonies" down below, while the rest of The Boondocks Season 4 Mixtape drops April 16. The show's season opener premieres April 21 on the Cartoon Network.