Kill Me Tomorrow Skin's Getting Weird

Quirky and weird can definitely get you somewhere. But when treading into the deep, dark waters of off-the-wall artistry, taste and tact are necessary tools and San Diego's Kill Me Tomorrow have yet to correctly wield such devices. The lead-off track on their latest EP seems promising; an effectively lo-fi, albeit repetitive, guitar line floats between a simple dance-y drumbeat and a tiny cacophony of discordant shouts behind cool-headed, monotonous groaning. Even the next song, with its slightly less apathetic, loosely organised punk sound fares well. Everything after this quickens the pace in the race to unbearable. "Ghost Rider" is so distorted you'll think you've accidentally bumped the extra bass switch on your Discman. "Put the Time Machine in Your Mouth Pt. I" is an excruciating ten-minute loop of the singer describing an experience that could have been an alien abduction, an out of the ordinary warm-up treatment, or just some creepy dream, backed by irritatingly bizarre electronic madness. The whole thing just starts to sound like something your high school boyfriend would force you to listen to, pausing mid-way to ask, "Dude, isn't this trippy?" (Gold Standard Laboratories)