Kid Koala to Perform Space Cadet with Five Turntables, 18 Space Plants and Six Space Pods

Kid Koala to Perform <i>Space Cadet</i> with Five Turntables, 18 Space Plants and Six Space Pods
Canadian turntable whiz Kid Koala (aka Eric San) recently unveiled his latest project, Space Cadet, a music/comic crossover that he previously described as "very lullaby-like, mostly recorded on acoustic keyboards with turntable woodwinds and turntable strings. It's a complete anti-dance floor, anti-rock out kind of thing." In a new post on his official site, San revealed that he will be turning Space Cadet into a massive multimedia show at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

There will be two shows, both of which take place tomorrow (December 11) at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. The performance will reportedly feature five turntables, a piano, an A/V console and a cassette jukebox. San added that the show will contain 18 "space plants" and six "35-seat space pods for everyone to sit in."

The shows will be silent, and audience members are advised to bring headphones so that they can plug in and listen to the music.

San pointed to a blog post by Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot, which reads, "The floor? It'll be where you lay down and put on headphones to listen to Kid Koala's music. Bring your headphones! 200 people per show, so that's a lot of headphones needed." Go here to see pictures of the room where the show will take place.

San will be joined by DJ P-Love as he previews material from Space Cadet. San added, "Those of you in nearby cities, we promise to make the gig well worth your bike ride. My mom-in-law's even making Space Cadet gingerbread cookies. Crazy."

Expect Kid Koala to release Space Cadet officially in early 2011.