Kid Cudi Sheds More Light on 'Indicud'

Kid Cudi Sheds More Light on 'Indicud'
Back in the summer, Kid Cudi took to Twitter to reveal some details about his upcoming album, Indicud, announcing that guests would include Kanye West, Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, Jaden Smith, Chip tha Ripper and Cage. Now, the hip-hop star has dropped some more information about the upcoming disc.

While the release date still isn't set in stone, Cudi tweeted that the album is "def dropping top of next year." He added that it won't be a double disc and that it will include "a maximum of 17 brand new jams."

Cudi went on to explain that the album will be a upbeat affair, writing, "the energy of indicud is its own new thing. new format with some of my favorite musical tricks here and there. the album moves dope... Wayy more uptempos. shits getting turnt up... the overall tone of indicud is positive and confident. I got my swagger back, truth. I lost my mind for a bit but i found it... still crazy tho, just found myself. more confident in being your big brother. i accept ur love with open arms."

In addition to dropping these hints about Indicud, the rapper shed some light about what he'll be doing once the album is out. He added, "after indicud is released I'm focusing on King Chips debut, scoring, and then the moment uve all been waiting for...MOTM3. love it."

And, of course, don't forget that he'll be appearing on the big screen in Two Night Stand.