Kevin Morby Announces New Solo Album 'Singing Saw'

Kevin Morby Announces New Solo Album 'Singing Saw'
Kevin Morby may be known to many for his work with Woods and the Babies, but he's put out a pair of solo records as well, and has just revealed plans for the third album under his own name. Singing Saw is slated to arrive on April 15 via Dead Oceans.
It marks the follow-up to 2014's Still Life and reflects a change in Morby's surroundings. The Texas-born musician moved to Los Angeles, where he inherited an upright piano, mysterious sheet music and a book on piano basics from previous tenants. These formed the building blocks for the new material, which hears Morby learning the instrument and exploring the duality of his new city — finding inspiration in both the lights of the city's skyline and the dark, dried-up plant life.
Singing Saw was produced by Sam Cohen, who previously worked with Morby on a live recreation of the Band's final performance, The Complete Last Waltz. And despite the creative energy harvested on the West Coast, Morby and Cohen recorded the songs in Woodstock, NY, in a converted house. The pair fleshed out Morby's acoustic guitar and piano sketches, adding guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, while their Complete Last Waltz collaborator Marco Benevento played piano and keyboard in the studio.
Other contributors include Hannah Cohen, Lauren Balthrop and Alecia Chakor on backing vocals, Nick Kinsey and Justin Sullivan on drums, Oliver Hill and Eliza Beg on strings, Alec Spiegelman on saxophone and flute, and Cole Kamen-Green on trumpet. John Andrews provides the album's titular saw.
See the full nine-song tracklisting for the album below, followed by a trailer for the upcoming release.
Singing Saw:
1. Cut Me down
2. I Have Been To The Mountain
3. Singing Saw
4. Drunk And On A Star
5. Dorothy
6. Ferris Wheel
7. Destroyer
8. Black Flowers
9. Water