Ketch Harbour Wolves Anachronisms

It's hard to fault a band for wanting to emulate other inspiring artists. Ketch Harbour Wolves wear their influences proudly on their guitar straps, bass drum, flute, saxophone and whatever other instruments they pull into their ethereal sound spawned from the National. But multiple listens brings something else to the forefront. Yes, the aforementioned band are tattooed on their music, especially on Jonathan Tyrrell's vocals, but they've bypassed the deep hole of copying and found an enviable platform that allows them to turn their inspiration into something new. "Breakdown" is a hypnotic piece with scant instrumentation; Brian Urbanik's drumming and Tyrrell's strong voice leading it from start to finish. "Bonfire of the Vanities" is about as upbeat as Anachronisms gets, and that's fine. Ketch Harbour Wolves have a way of keeping things mellow, but interesting, with dancing guitar lines ("Body Without Organs"), angelic vocals ("Translation") and enough intrigue to keep hitting repeat. (Independent)