Kelis, the Menzingers and Future Lead Our New Release Roundup

Kelis, the Menzingers and Future Lead Our New Release Roundup
It's Earth Day, folks, that wonderful day during which we celebrate our planet's rich bounty — for music enthusiasts, that means the rich bounty of new records that every sweet, sweet Tuesday promises. To help you separate the lush greenery from the compost, we've pulled together reviews of some of the week's big album releases in our weekly New Release Roundup, below.

Kelis has finally unveiled the long-awaited Food, an album whose primary motif is espoused by song titles like "Breakfast," "Jerk Ribs," "Biscuits n' Gravy" and "Cobbler." To find out whether this soul food is a veritable feast for the ears or the type you wrap up in a napkin and pocket, you'll have to read our review.

Those with a taste for big riffs and pop-punk anthems should sink their teeth into the Menzingers' new one, the Exclaim!-approved Rented World, while folksier types might find more to chew on in Michael Feuerstack's guest-loaded Singer Songer, on which guests like John K. Samson (the Weakerthans), Bry Webb (the Constantines) and others contribute to an LP our reviewer called "a gorgeous and cohesive set of seemingly effortless, overheard-at-the-party indie-folk."

For more folk goodness, listeners might want to try Torontonian folk wunderkind Jerry Leger's Early Riser, on which he "sounds nearly as wizened as a late-career troubadour." Those with a taste for something slightly more out-there should hear hip-hop spaceman Future's triumphant, guest-laden new LP Honest.

Of course, there are more reviews for every kind of music fan in our Recently Reviewed section. Swing by daily for the latest album reviews and recommendations. As always, you can hear some of our favourite songs from these albums and many more in our Rdio Genre Playlists:

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