Ke$ha "C'Mon" (video)

Ke$ha 'C'Mon' (video)
Regardless of how you may feel about her lobotomized party music, there's no denying that, for better or worse, Ke$ha is TGIF personified. That's why she couldn't have chosen a better time to deliver the video for Warrior single "C'Mon."

The video is just as stupid as you may have hoped, opening with some of the worst acting we've seen this side of The Room. Soon enough, Ke$ha quits her day job at a diner, gets in a magical, colourful fan, and everything erupts into a party with people in animal costumes, glitter, soap, magic powers and general destruction.

It's like someone put the whole Internet into a blender and turned it into one remarkably stupid clip.

You owe it to yourself to turn your brain off for a bit, so check out Ke$ha's clip for "C'Mon" below.