Keepsake Black Dress in a B Movie

Summery anthemic power-pop confections make up most of this effort. The type of listening you might find in most teenagers' collections, if it weren't for the fact that there is a certain conservative nature to almost half the songs, for which throwing in some record scratches or a rapped bridge might have made this group the flavour de jour. As it is, Keepsake opts for a watered-down Blink 182 wanting to be Treble Charger approach, complete with a couple head-scratching power ballads that does not allow the material to reach its full potential. This one keeps making me think about Punchbuggy's swansong album, My Norwegian Cousin, for sounding almost identical, track for track. Nicer vocal harmonies than one would find in most recording from bands of this ilk though. (Fearless)