How to Destroy Angels "Keep It Together" (Factory Floor remix)

How to Destroy Angels 'Keep It Together' (Factory Floor remix)
How to Destroy Angels have been repping their "Keep It Together" track pretty hard in preparation for the release of the band's upcoming An Omen EP. Following the original's leak, a remix from Dave Sitek, and yesterday's in-the-studio live video, we now have another version of the track as interpreted by Factory Floor.

A steady electronic kick throbs throughout the track, replacing a bit of that sinister slink for something more menacingly mechanical. Mariqueen Maandig's breathiness still figures quite prominently, but a spooky harmonizer has been slapped on some of those coos, making it sound like a duet with a dance-music-loving demon.

From there, it rumbles into a cacophony of tinny synth sounds, chopped vocal samples, white noise and ethereal electronic swells. You can stream the minimalist techno experiment down below.

As previously reported An Omen arrives November 13 through Columbia.