Katy Perry "E.T." (ft. Kanye West)

Katy Perry 'E.T.' (ft. Kanye West)
There's little new on this remix of sultry pop princess Katy Perry's out-of-this-world single "E.T." The heavy, boom-bap clapping rhythm still supports the icy, Galaga-style synths and heavy rock guitars of its chorus, with Perry's voice still soaring on the cut. The big difference is that Kanye West sneaks in a couple of space-themed verses.

Ye waxes on traversing your Milky Way early on and later tips us off about a hot bar on Mars, where people drive spaceships instead of cars. It's a little on the nose, but West drops his verses with such a carefree ease that it's hard to get too bummed on his intergalactic spitting.

You can download the track here, courtesy of 2 Dope Boyz.