Kardinal Offishal "Baby It's U!" (video)

Kardinal Offishal 'Baby It's U!' (video)
Are you all ready for Kardi Gras? While the official arrival of Kardinal Offishal's Kardi Gras: The Clash is apparently set for later this fall, the Toronto rap mainstay is celebrating early with a playful vaycay vid for the record's "Baby It's U!" If you wanna see the guy swimming with a mermaid, a stream of such a thing is online now.

The track rustles up plenty of wriggled synths and shimmy-shake grooves and has Kardi talking about "touching Timbalands" with a certain someone, among other things. Visually, we get to see the guy and his squad take over a beach mansion, with beardos belly-floppin' in pools and shots passed around freely. Elsewhere, they enjoy meals and a slip 'n' slide.

Despite the combination of a mid-clip dance party and Kardi's bootleg Simpsons T-shirt, we never get to see the guy doing the Bartman.

All the same, you'll find the party and its crashed-out aftermath down below.

"Baby It's U!" is up for sale now as a digital single. Tentatively due out October 30, Kardi Gras: The Clash will land via Universal Music Canada