Kanye West's Firing of DJ Mano Explained via Taiwanese News Animation

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 15, 2014

Taiwanese animation studio TomoNews has done it again, having revealed a hysterically over-the-top account of Kanye West's concert DJ Mano having left the fold earlier this week.

As previously reported, the DJ announced his departure on Twitter, which led to a homophobic online rant against West and his "low key gay" fans, as well as the unveiling of a video highlighting Mano's many in-concert flubs. The news network covers this ground, but in a much more dramatic fashion.

Claiming the DJ was fired "for having skills," it shows a chainmail-masked, flame-flinging Yeezy launching himself through glass separating a studio vocal booth from Mano-inhabited mixing room, leading to an electrocution due to missing his mark. From there, we see a battle atop a giant turntable that likewise finds Kanye going ass-over-tea kettle.

Illustrating Mano's "funny habit of messing up during Yeezy's sets," we see the cartoon caricature of the DJ texting during a show instead of dropping beats and employing a giant iPhone to handle the heavy lifting while he chats with women. It also weighs in on Kim Kardashian's upcoming book of selfies, though we're beginning to think TomoNews might not be the most reputable of sources since they gave the title as Sellouts instead of the reported Selfish. Maybe, just maybe, though, they're playing it up for another joke.

Either way, you can peep the extremely legitimate animated news report down below.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the heads-up.

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